Social Care Consultation

Northumberland County Council is asking for views on proposed changes to the council’s charging policy for care and support services.

What is the consultation about?

The council is considering a number of changes to its policy on charging for non-residential care and support services such as such as home care, day care, and “enabling” support to help people to get out and do things in the community.

The changes being considered would mean some people would have to pay more for their care and support services, although changes would affect people in different ways, and some would continue to get services without being charged.

The proposed changes would not affect people who live in a care home.

Why is the council considering these changes?

The council says it expects to have to make budget savings of £36 million over the next three years. In order to make these savings, the council has had to look at every part of its budget to consider whether spending is absolutely necessary, and whether income can be increased.  Social care services for adults account for more than a third of the council’s budget, so it would be very difficult to make the overall savings required without some reductions in spending on adult social care.

More information and the consultation feedback form can be found at the council’s website.