Annual Survey 2019 – Share your Experiences

We would really like to hear about your experiences of health and social care services in Northumberland over the last year, through our annual survey. You can share your thoughts and experiences as a patient or as a carer. Your feedback will help us set our work priorities for the coming year. Knowing what is important to you helps us to work more effectively on your behalf. We can also look at trends and themes year on year, seeing what has changed and what remains important to people.

You could also be in with a chance of winning one of three prizes when you take the time to tell us about your experiences.

We realise there are a lot of surveys out there from organisations asking for your feedback, but this really does help us to find out what matters to people.

Please help us ensure that the health and social care needs of the people of Northumberland are heard, understood and met by those responsible for commissioning and delivering services.

Thank you for your support.

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9 replies
  1. Amanda Allerton
    Amanda Allerton says:

    Woke up screaming in horrific pain following an operation. Was quickly given more drugs, but nothing further was mentioned- almost as if it never happened.

  2. Mrs p rowl ey
    Mrs p rowl ey says:

    We need to get back to how it was in DRs surgery’s when you used to see your own DR every time he New your history rather than look it up on computer er sure it could work with a bit of tghought

  3. Jack Arrowsmith
    Jack Arrowsmith says:

    Both my wife and I rate the service we receive from the Belford medical practice very highly.The online apt. System for booking is appreciated.Specific to doctor apt’s,explanations of treatment and involving me the patient in choosing which option to take is also appreciated.

  4. Mrs P Rowley
    Mrs P Rowley says:

    One big issue with me I had wax in my ears kept putting oil in for over 8 weeks left ear went quite deaf sergury would it syringe them had to go private and pay £80 I can not afford to pay that kind of money every time I have wax in my ears

  5. Claire Jackson
    Claire Jackson says:

    Thanks for telling us about your experience Amanda. We hope you’re on the mend after your surgery. If you’d like to tell us more please complete the survey, or use the get in touch via the ‘talk to us’ page.

  6. Claire Jackson
    Claire Jackson says:

    Your feedback is really appreciated and we will take note. If you’d like to share more details please click on the link to complete our survey or get in touch by one of the ways on the ‘talk to us’ pages. Thank you.

  7. Claire Jackson
    Claire Jackson says:

    Thank you for your comments about the service at your local GP surgery. We will pass this feedback on. If you have a moment, please click the link to fill in a few more questions via our annual survey.

  8. Mrs P Rowley
    Mrs P Rowley says:

    I did leave a reply about wax in ears where health centre would not clear wax and had kept putting oil in for 8 weeks had to go to private clinic £80 can not afford that every time in need wax taking out

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