Closure of Lloyds pharmacy

Lloyds pharmacy in Sainsbury’s, Manor Walks, Cramlington is due to close this summer on a date yet to be confirmed. As your independent local health and social care champion, we would like to hear from residents and those who use the pharmacy about how the planned closure may affect them.

Our team have been at Lloyds pharmacy during May 2023 talking to customers about the potential impact of the closure of the pharmacy. We will continue to collect feedback over the next few weeks and you can still share your views online.

We have already been able to take what we’ve been hearing and share it immediately with decision makers, so that they can understand and act upon the issues raised. Our Project Coordinator Derry presented our findings so far to the Northumberland Health and Wellbeing Board on 11 May. You can watch the meeting below – Derry speaks from around 18 minutes in.

Health and Wellbeing Board meeting 11 May 2023

If you would like to speak to us please get in touch.