Four easy steps to add ‘In Case of Emergency’ details to your phone

Most of us carry a phone with us when we’re out and about, perhaps with keys and a wallet, but what happens if we’re involved in an accident and you aren’t carrying any means of personal identification? One of the easiest and most convenient places to keep ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE)  information is on your smartphone, but only if you know how to store the information so that someone can see it without having to unlock your phone. . Folllow these simple steps to set up ICE on your smartphone, and encourage family members to do the same.


  • Click on the ‘Health’ application on your home screen.
  • Choose ‘Medical ID’ from the lower right-hand corner.
  • Add your emergency contacts from your contact list and note and input any medical conditions.
  • Make sure the option to ‘show when locked’ is activated. This means the ICE information can be accessed from your lock screen.

To find someone’s emergency contact on their phone:

First swipe to open. On the locked screen, you’ll see an ‘Emergency’ button in the bottom corner. Press to show a dialing screen with a Medical ID button at the bottom. Click on this for the emergency information.

Android Phones

  • Go to your ‘contacts’ list.
  • Click on ‘groups’.
  • The dropdown list will include ‘ICE – emergency contacts’.
  • Click on this option then select your emergency contacts. You can also fill in medical details.

To find someone’s emergency contact on their phone:

To access the emergency contact information on a locked Android phone, swipe to open. This will bring up the passcode page, with ‘emergency calls only’ on the bottom.

Click on ‘emergency calls’. On the top right will be a siren icon. Click on this and it will show the emergency contact information.

There are also several ICE apps available which you can download to your smartphone and which will appear on your lock screen. Have a look at your app store for options.