Marine Medical Group: Proposed change to practice boundary

Marine Medical Group in Blyth has applied to NHS England to change the boundary of the practice. This will not affect any patients who are currently registered with the practice. Due to the number of new houses being built in the area, the group has requested to have its boundary reduced, to end at the Spine Road (just before the Bebside railway line). The practice says this is to provide the same services and high level of care to patients.


Frequently asked questions

I am currently registered with the practice but I am living in one of the estates which is now outside of the new boundary will I have to move practices?

No, you will continue to be registered with the practice and be entitled to the same service as any other patient.

A member of my family who was previously registered with the practice is moving back home and we live outside of the new boundary; can they re-register with the practice

Unfortunately not. The practice cannot register any patients outside of the new boundary, even if they were previously registered with the practice.

I am currently registered with the practice but I am moving to an address which is outside of the boundary, can I remain registered with the practice?

No, you will need to register with a practice that includes your new address in their boundary.

I am currently pregnant and live in one of the estates which is now outside of the new boundary, will I have to register my baby with a different practice?

No, this is the only exception to new boundary, new babies will remain with the practice the parents are registered at.

Why do practices have boundaries?

Practices have boundaries to enable the GPs to deal with patients in a timely manner. If a patient requires a home visit the travel time has to be factored into the visit.  If patients live outside of the practice boundary the GPs wouldn’t be able to visit as many patients.

It also means if we keep patients who no longer live within the practice boundary those patients who move into the boundary cannot register as the practice can only deal with a certain amount of patients.

How do I find a GP practice who I can register with?

Please visit NHS Choices or contact any practice near your address to enquire if they can register you as a patient.


If you have any comments or questions about the proposed changes please contact Natalie Armstrong, Practice Manager, or Ross Kemp, IT & Strategy Manager, at Marine Medical Group or alternately you can send feedback to the practice’s Patient Participation Group at: Please respond as soon as possible and by the end of January 2018.