Newbiggin Men in Sheds: Photography Project

The Newbiggin Men in Sheds photography project fortnightly sessions take place at Newbiggin Sports & Community Centre, every other Tuesday, from 10 October at 1:30pm – 3.30pm. An opportunity to learn new skills, share the skills you have and be creative!
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The Newbiggin Men in Sheds Project is a partnership between the Northumberland County Council and a host of partner organisations.

The initiative looks to connect older men, create new friendships and keep them active. Men in sheds projects have been used around the country to provide an array of benefits for older men including knowledge sharing, community engagement, personal achievement and the opportunity to meet and interact with others. The important element of the project comes from those involved taking ownership of the schemes and coming together to participate in an activity which provides a level of interest and engagement for all involved.