Our Quarterly Report for January to March 2020

This report outlines the feedback we collected from people in Northumberland between January and March 2020.

How we received feedback this quarter:

  • Telephone calls, emails and social media (65%)
  • Postal Surveys and Feedback forms (5%)
  • Talking to people at local engagement events (15%)
  • Through a meeting (5%)
  • Through a third party (10%)

Areas of Focus

We are open to all feedback about health and social care services. Responses to our Annual Survey helped us to identify three specific areas of focus which we prioritised in 2019/20:

  1. General Practitioner Services (GP Services)
  2. Mental Health Services, including dementia care
  3. Access to Services

Between January and March 2020, we received 20 pieces of feedback through talking to people at local engagement events, telephone calls, emails, our website, surveys and feedback forms and other sources. Alongside this, we signposted 20 people to services, 16 of which have already been counted in the aforementioned feedback. Altogether we had 24 different recordable interactions this quarter.

This report explores who we are hearing from across the county, presenting a summary of general respondent demographic information. Demographic information shared includes location, gender, age, and whether the respondent is sharing their own health and social care experience or speaking on behalf of a friend or relative.

We also look at the general sentiment of comments, with specific reference to the service type (e.g. primary care, secondary care, mental health, social care), as well as whether the feedback relates specifically to quality of care or access to services. Service category, for instance whether the comment refers to a GP surgery or

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