Summer Health

Summer Health

Peaks in visits to the GP, urgent care centres and A&E during the summer months are seen to be linked with people experiencing a variety of seasonal ailments, such as sunstroke, allergies, minor injuries and food poisoning.

It’s much quicker and pretty straightforward to look after yourself if you have a common complaint, such as upset stomach, sunburn, bite or sting or a minor injury such as a cut or sprain.  Visit a local pharmacist for confidential advice and treatment to put you on the fast track to feeling better; there’s no need for a prescription or an unnecessary A&E wait. A&E is for life threatening injuries and serious, immediate health problems.  These include major loss of blood, chest pain, stroke, severe abdominal pain, broken bones, breathing problems, serious eye injuries. For most people, common complaints will start to clear up within a few days to a couple of weeks.


Summer Sun

Health experts are reminding people to take care while enjoying the sunshine – local health services see a number of patients every year who have become ill due to summer sun and warmer weather. Heat affects some people more seriously than others. Older people, babies and young children, pregnant women, people doing manual work outdoors and those with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart problems should take particular care. If you do end up feeling ill in the heat, visit your local pharmacist who can provide advice on common illnesses and how to treat them, call NHS 111 or make an appointment to see your GP for persistent illness.


Child Health

Having a poorly child can be a scary experience, but often the best person to help your child quickly is you.  Understanding more about common childhood illnesses and injuries can help you feel more confident in knowing what to do. Parents often get worried about temperatures, coughs and minor injuries, such as sprains and cuts.  But with some advice from your pharmacist and the use of some stock medicines and first aid kit, you can often manage to make your child feel better at home.

Parents and carers of children under five can also get medical advice on a range of common childhood illnesses from the NHS Child Health app which has been developed by doctors, health visitors and pharmacists. Search ‘NHS Child Health’ on Google Play or the App Store.


There are a number of NHS services you can use to treat less serious injuries and illnesses.  To find your nearest service and get further advice call NHS 111 or visit or visit our Find Services page.

More information on summer health can be found at the NHS Choices website.