Healthwatch Northumberland Annual Survey and Conversation report

Annual Conversations: what we heard

Annual Survey and Annual Conversations 2023

Each year we run an Annual Survey to ask about people’s experiences of health and social care over the previous 12 months.

Last year we wanted to get more detailed feedback from people who we may not usually hear from, and who may not always respond to official surveys about their experiences, through our ‘Annual Conversations’.We heard from people across Northumberland either during conversations within a group setting (focus groups) or as an individual one-to-one conversation. These conversations were not on a set health or social care service/topic but were led by what was important to the person or group and their recent experiences.

We worked with community partners across Northumberland to help us facilitate many of those conversations and we are extremely grateful to them as well as the people who provided valuable feedback to us.

During January and February 2023 we also ran a short online survey which was open to all residents of Northumberland to complete. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this by telling us about your experiences.

Read more about what we heard in our Annual Survey and Annual Conversations this year.