End of life care – have your say

End of life care – have your say

End of life care – have your say

We’re working with NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to find out what people think matters most to patients approaching the end of their life and what makes a ‘good death’.

We’re looking at developing a ‘social contract’ between end of life care providers and patients, in terms of what they will do and what you will do to achieve both a full life and a dignified death.

To explore this further, the NHS has launched a Citizens Panel, which you can join by registering at the YourNHS online community  As part of the panel, you’ll be asked to provide feedback on a series of questions relating to end of life care and what makes a ‘good death’. The panel will run for five weeks and you will receive a £5 Amazon voucher for each piece of content you provide feedback on – that’s a total of £25 for taking part in all the content.

If you are interested in taking part in the end of life Citizens Panel, please register at the YourNHS online community where you can find more information about joining the Panel.

For more information or to tell us your experiences of care please get in touch.

This piece of work has now finished.