Norovirus advice

Norovirus restricts visitors at county’s hospitals

Update: 2 January 2018

As of today, it is expected that visitor restrictions will be partially lifted for unaffected wards with full restrictions still in place on affected wards. Please check this page for the latest news – an update can be expected at approximately 11:00 each day.
Visitor restrictions have been applied across affected Northumbria Healthcare sites in order to contain an ongoing norovirus outbreak. Affected sites include Wansbeck General, North Tyneside General and The Northumbria (Cramlington).
norovirus is a highly infectious virus that can easily be spread from person to person. Unfortunately, people can spread this virus before their symptoms start. Therefore visitors may inadvertently bring norovirus into the hospitals. Typically norovirus causes diarrhoea & vomiting illness which generally lasts 48 hours with no long-term effects. However, patients in hospital are particularly susceptible to having severe illness which can be extremely debilitating. For this reason, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is asking for your co-operation to not visit your relative/friends until the norovirus outbreaks have resolved. Restrictions will not apply to patients receiving end of life care. If you are in any doubt, please contact the relevant ward directly or contact the switchboard on 0344 811 8111. More information on norovirus