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What you told us: October 2022

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on NHS and social care services last month.

Below is our ‘at a glance’ report for October 2022, which gives an overview of who we have been hearing from and what they told us. What we hear from people living and working in Northumberland helps us build a picture of what is working well and where there are issues in NHS and social care services.

Often, we can get a quick response to your enquiry or signpost you to the right service.

Some issues are already being looked at by other organisations and we pass on your comments and concerns to them so that they have as much feedback as possible from those using services, to help them make decisions and improvements to services.

There are some issues that we look into in more detail and set aside time and resources to investigate further and put together recommendations for change.

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Healthwatch Northumberland feedback report October 2022