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We know that some people have struggled to access the dental care they need during the pandemic. We want to hear about your experiences of trying to use NHS dentistry services since March 2020. Tell us what worked well for you and what could be better so we can help providers improve their services.

Due to strict infection control measures in place in dental practices, fewer appointments have been available causing a backlog of patients. We have been hearing that some people are unable to find an NHS dental practice which is taking on new patients while others aren’t sure where to go for urgent dental care.

We would like to hear about your experiences of accessing NHS dentistry since the start of the first lockdown.

The survey will run from Monday 29 November 2021 until Friday 7 January 2022. We will then combine our findings with colleagues at other local Healthwatch to build a regional picture of NHS dentistry services in the North East.

NHS Dentistry Survey

More information about finding an NHS dentist and what to do if you need urgent dental care is available on the NHS website:

How to find an NHS dentist

Get in touch with our Information and Signposting Service

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  1. peter hopley
    peter hopley says:

    DENTISTRY: Our family subscribes to “Denplan” and thus has “private” rather than NHS dental treatment. In recent months two family members have needed urgent dental treatment, and have received very good care with easy access to urgent appointments and smooth, covid-aware safe treatment . It maybe useful to contrast this positive experience with our NHS GP where access is difficult and covid precautions are very obstrsive even when there is less close personal contact than during dental surgery.
    Well done our Dentist.
    there may be a lesson here for our NHS GP system

  2. Thomas Kirkup
    Thomas Kirkup says:

    Service at High Pit Dentists has been 1st class with stringent protedion from staff and clients visiting

  3. Thomas Kirkup
    Thomas Kirkup says:

    Service at High Pit Dentists has been 1st class with stringent protecion from staff and clients visiting

  4. Jane Elizabeth Pannell
    Jane Elizabeth Pannell says:

    we’ve not been able to access NHS dental care for some years now and have had no option but to pay privately. One of us goes to Amble and the other to Belford. Often there is a waiting time although the Belford surgery endeavours to deal with emergencies when they arise.

  5. Yvonne Tomczuk
    Yvonne Tomczuk says:

    I go to Louise Hunter but have to pay. I see Caris for treatment, she is great and I would recommend her to anyone.

  6. Elizabeth Renney
    Elizabeth Renney says:

    I have been at Rivenhall dentists for over 40 years and have had no problems with accessing treatment. Due to Covid, check ups have been disrupted and getting an appointment outside of a regular check up has been difficult but not impossible.

  7. Gavin Parker
    Gavin Parker says:

    My wife and I have received excellent NHS service during the pandemic from Allison Brett dental practice ( marketed as my dentist) in Ashington. There are strict rules in place regarding appointments and the number of patients allowed in the waiting area. All the safety measures are in place throughout the practice and are followed diligently. We can’t fault the service and none of the “ horror stories” that we have heard of from friends and neighbours who have tried to get NHS care in Morpeth!

  8. Edith Stewart
    Edith Stewart says:

    My husband & I have been able to get NHS treatment at Shielfieid Dental Clinic Tweedmouth with excellent care .

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