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    Here to make care better for people in Northumberland

your health and social care champion

About Us

Healthwatch Northumberland is your local health and social care champion. If you use GP services, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, care homes, mental health or other support services in your area, we want to hear about your experiences.

As an independent statutory body, we have the power to make sure NHS leaders and other decision makers listen to local feedback and improve standards of care. We can also help you to find reliable and trustworthy information and advice. Last year, the Healthwatch network helped nearly a million people like you to have your say and get the support you need.

Healthwatch Northumberland is part of a network of over 150 local Healthwatch across the country. We’re here to listen to the issues that really matter to people in Northumberland and to hear about your experiences of using local health and social care services. We’re entirely independent and impartial, and anything you share with us is confidential.

We’re all about you

We use your feedback to better understand the challenges facing the NHS and other care providers and we make sure your experiences improve health and care for everyone, both locally and nationally. We can also help you to get the information and advice you need to make the right decisions for you and to get the support you need.

It’s really important that you share your experiences – whether good or bad, happy or sad. If you’ve had a negative experience, it’s easy to think there’s no point in complaining, and that ‘nothing ever changes’. Or, if you’ve had a great experience, that you ‘wish you could say thank you’. We can get these messages to the people who pay for and provide services.

Remember, your feedback is helping to improve people’s lives. So, if you need support or information, or you’re ready to tell your story, we’re here to listen.

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