What you told us: Oct to Dec 2021

NHS and social care feedback October to December 2021

Thank you to everyone who told us about their experiences of NHS and social care services over the last three months.

Between October and December 2021 we had feedback from 73 people who live in Northumberland. This was from face to face events across the county, telephone calls, emails, our website and social media. We gave 14 of these people details of local services and support as part of our Signposting and Information Service.

One person, who came along to one of our Here to Hear drop-in events wanted to know what support there was available for his wife with arthritis. She is getting good care for her borderline diabetes and high blood pressure but doesn’t want to ‘make a fuss’ about getting support and treatment for her arthritis. Her arthritis is so bad that she can barely walk 20 metres. The GPs have referred her to the physiotherapist but this was during the height of the pandemic when they weren’t doing face to face work and she hasn’t followed it up since. We recommended to the husband that she pursue her case at the GPs to get the physiotherapy treatment, and we signposted them to Arthritis Action for advice and support and also DWP for PIP assessment.

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