What you told us: October to December 2020

As the independent champion for people who use health and social care services, Healthwatch Northumberland is a listening organisation working across Northumberland, interested in what people think is working well in services and what can be improved. We act on what people are saying, sharing their views with those who have the power to make change happen. We also help people find the information they need about services in their area and record this as ‘signposting’.

People who use health and social care services tell us about their experiences throughout the year. This report shares a summary of the feedback collected from October to December 2020. During this period, we have continued to work in different ways due to the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic. The next report will cover January to March 2021.

This quarter we received feedback and enquiries from:

• Telephone calls, emails, website and social media (73%)
• Talking to people at online engagement events (25%)
• Through a third party (2%)

Areas of Focus
We are open to all feedback about health and social care services. Responses to our 2020 Annual Survey helped us to identify a specific Areas of Focus which we are prioritising in 2020/21; this includes mental health services, dementia and GP services. Covid-19 has meant changes have been made to health and social care services. Patients and carers’ experiences and signposting requirements are likely to have been different during this time. For this reason, we have also chosen to focus on any feedback we receive which is related to covid19 and these changes.


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