Young Carers Awareness Day

25 January 2018 is Young Carers Awareness Day.

There are almost 166,000 young people acting as unpaid carers in England.

Young carers don’t always realise they are carers — they can feel isolated and not know where to turn for support outside of their families.

Over the last year, several local Healthwatch have spoken to young carers about their experiences and how health and social care services could work better for them. Some of the common things they’ve raised include a need for:

  1. Greater awareness of carers and their needs among health professionals
  2. Better information and help finding services
  3. Access to effective support services
  4. More consistency in the support offered by schools

After identifying a lack of services for young carers in the local area, Healthwatch Bolton found a unique way to make their voices heard — with a charity single raising money to help young people. Read more.