Children's Occupational Therapy Sensory Processing Service

Children’s sensory processing service

A new website from the Children’s Occupational Therapy Sensory Processing Service has now been launched. The service is delivered by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and is based at Wansbeck General Hospital.

Northumberland Parent Carer Forum worked closely with the team at Northumbria  to help build the website, how it might look, what information would be useful and how that should be presented.

What is the Children’s Occupational Therapy Sensory Processing Service?

The overall aim of the service is to support parents, carers, education staff and other professional groups to understand how sensory processing can impact on daily life, providing information on how to modify activities and the environment to support participation in activities of daily life for children and young people with sensory processing challenges.

Who is the service for?

Children and young people who are experiencing day-to-day difficulties with processing sensory information can access Northumberland’s Sensory Processing website for support, strategies, and information. If additional support is required a referral can be made to the Occupational Therapy service where parents / carers will be offered an initial telephone consultation. Referrals to the service must be completed by an approved professional and meet the following criteria.

  • The child/young person is aged 0-18 years, or 19 years if still in full time education and living in Northumberland.
  • The child/young person is registered with a Northumberland GP.
  • Parent/carer consent has been obtained for the referral.
  • Sensory processing strategies have been trialled to help improve engagement in daily living activities but have not been fully successful and further support is required.
  • Sensory processing challenges continue to have a significant and ongoing impact on mental health and/or physical wellbeing in relation to participating in daily living activities.

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