Getting out and about

We’re making plans to get back out in local communities as soon as it is safe to do so this summer. Our role as independent champion for people who use NHS and social care services involves listening to people from all over the county about their views and experiences of using services such as GPs, dentists, hospitals, mental health services, care homes, pharmacies and NHS 111.

We have done this in lots of ways during the pandemic but speaking directly to people in communities across Northumberland is a big part of what we do. We are now planning how we can get back on the road when government guidelines allow.

Can you tell us how you would feel about us coming along to a venue near you – outside – by answering a few questions? Your feedback will help us make decisions about we work this summer. Thank you.



Getting back on the road

Part of our role here at Healthwatch Northumberland is getting out and about to communities across the county, to hear people's views and experiences of using NHS and social care services.

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