Northumberland Advice Survey

Have your say on advice services

The Public Health Team at Northumberland County Council is interested to know what the people of Northumberland want and need from advice services. It wants to understand what is working well and what needs to change in its Northumberland Advice Survey.
What are advice services?
In Northumberland there are a number of different charities and organisations that give advice to residents. The survey is interested in advice given about Benefits (eligibility, claims, sanctions and appeals) and Debt Management, plus a range of other areas including: welfare, work, housing, family, law and courts, immigration, healthcare, consumer rights, pension guidance and witness support.
Why is the council doing this survey?
Good advice matters, but what people need and the way that they access it may vary.
The Public Health Team want to know what you think is important, so that future services are what you want andwill use. They are interested in your views even if you have never used advice services. This information will be used by the Public Health Team in Northumberland County Council to try and ensure that they are meeting the needs of all residents.
Leave your thoughts and experiences of finding advice – including our signposting and information service here at Healthwatch Northumberland – by the end of January and help shape local services

Director of Public Health Annual Report 2018

The 2018 Director of Public Health Annual Report focuses on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The report asks, ‘why is mental health important?’
‘Over the last few decades there has rightly been a focus on reducing the number of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke. Across the whole of the county’s population, about 45% of all deaths are due to five causes and heart disease and stroke still cause nearly 30% of all deaths.

There is quite a difference though between the conditions that people are dying of and the conditions which contribute to disability and ill health during life. Mental ill health makes a significant contribution to ill health and
in some groups, is the major cause of death and ill health. For instance in men aged 15 – 49, nearly 30% of deaths are attributable to mental illness.’

View the Report



Public Health Strategic Plan for Northumberland

Public health is about helping people to stay healthy and avoid getting ill, as well as reducing health inequalities to help people live longer, healthier lives. The goal of public health in Northumberland is to improve and protect residents’ health and wellbeing, and improve the health of the poorest quickly. The public health team have produced a Public Health Strategy on a Page which outlines what is planned for when.

To read more about public health visit Northumberland County Council’s Health pages.

View the Public Health Startegy on a Page.