Top tips to get the most out of your GP appointment

One of the main things we hear from the public is getting a GP appointment can be tricky. And when you do get an appointment, the time you get to talk to your doctor can be limited. Healthwatch England has pulled together some top suggestions to help you make the most of your appointment slot.

These suggestions will help you feel prepared for your appointment and make the most of the time you have with your GP.

Read Top tips to get the most out of your GP appointment

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    JEAN WRIGHT says:

    Your advice about GP appointments is really useful. You suggest, if possible, trying to see the same GP, but this is an issue I have raised before.

    We struggle to get appointments at our practice, and are unable to make non-urgent appointments. I have a “usual” doctor who I’ve NEVER SEEN, and it is very rare to get the same GP even when a patient has been advised to follow-up.

    Three of our long established GPs have retired in the last 12 months, and, in my personal opinion, the practice is failing its patients.

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