Parenting Workshops

Parent Workshops

Online Parenting Workshops from Escape Family Support

Escape Family Support is running some parenting workshops, for parents with children between the ages of 9 -18 years of age. All workshops take place on Fridays between 10am and 12pm.

If you are interested in attending or would like further information, contact Angie Turnbull on 07812983611 or email: Please book as soon as possible as places are limited. If you need support to get online to access the workshop the team can help.


14th May 2021 – Understanding why my child misbehaves
• Understand children’s behavior
• Discuss and list the needs we all have
• Identify the needs a child is trying to meet with a certain behavior
• Distinguish what is acceptable/unacceptable behavior
• Practice challenging unacceptable behavior, paying attention to feelings and underlying needs

21st May 2021 – Promoting positive behaviour
• Understanding influences on children’s behaviour
• To gain knowledge of positive parenting
• Encouraging and developing skills in our children
Setting goals for change

28th May 2021 – Managing misbehaviour
• Learning new strategies to promote positive parenting
• Using a behaviour chart/contract
• Gain knowledge of strategies to manage misbehaviour
• Understand the purpose of challenging difficult behaviour

4th June 2021 – Sibling rivalry
• To look at parent’s relationship with their siblings when they were children
• To discuss what causes conflict with their children
• To understand the impact this has on the family
• To work together for a way forward

11th June 2021 – Creating confident children
• To gain an understanding of self esteem
• To discuss low self-esteem and high self-esteem
• To gain an understanding of low and high self-esteem
• To look at how parenting has changed over the past twenty years

18th June 2021 – Setting boundaries
• To explore why we need boundaries for our children/teenagers
• To encourage parents to look at boundaries they had as a child
• To look at setting boundaries at different ages
• To discuss children/teenagers need rules to be safe

25th June 2021 – Parenting a teenager
• To reflect over parents’ teenage years
• To understand how it has changed for our teenagers today
• To understand changes from a child to a teenager
• To gain an understanding of where to go for support for parents and teenagers

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Escape Family Support online workshops

Due to the current lockdown, Escape Family Support has temporarily moved their support sessions online. The situation will be continually reviewed until it is safe to return to face-to-face support.

The sessions will run via Microsoft Teams every Friday from 10am to 12pm. Anyone who is affected by a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol addiction is welcome to join in. Call: 01670 544055 or email: to find out more.

The following workshops are coming up:

22 January 2021 – All About Me Workshop 

Understand the importance of taking care of yourself, learn how to set future goals and learn to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

29 January 2021 – Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Gain an understanding of the different categories of drugs and understand the short and long-term effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

5 February 2021 – CRAFT Maintenance Group

CRAFT is an evidence-based programme for families affected by substance misuse. This group allows you to practice the skills you have learned during CRAFT.

12 February 2021 – Anger Awareness Workshop 

Gain an understanding of anger and learn strategies to use when dealing with anger.

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