Help make care better

Help make care better

Help make care better in Northumberland for people with learning disabilities

People with a learning disability and autistic people are more likely to experience poorer care and face inequalities, despite needing to use health services regularly. Their needs are not always met by the system, leaving people and their loved ones feeling diminished or ignored.

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We are working with Healthwatch England to hear more from autistic people and those with learning disabilities about their experiences of care. Please share your experience and help us make NHS decision-makers aware of what needs to change to improve access to care.

We’re completely independent and impartial, and anything you say is confidential.

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You can also provide feedback on care by giving us a call on: 03332 408 468

Do you use Day Services?

Do you use Day Services?

Do you or someone you care for use Day Services in Northumberland?

Day Services in Northumberland are being reviewed to see what they need to provide to meet the needs, expectations, and aspirations of current and future service users. There has been a reducing number of older people attending Day Services in Northumberland over the past few years resulting in services closing due to lack of demand. This has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic with most of the Day Services being closed for the past 11 months.  Additionally, current Day Services for younger adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health conditions are being reviewed to see if they provide what is needed to enhance people’s lives and support independence.

If you, or someone you care for use Day Services, what has the impact been for you of these services not running for almost a year now? Have you been able to use the service in a different way, for example, online? If and when day services can be provided again, would you like them to run the same as before the pandemic or with some online provision? What do you think the issues and barriers would be to running services differently?

Please let us know your views and whether you would be willing to take part in conversations around day services in the future.

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This piece of work is now closed.

Keeping Well for Winter

Keeping Well for Winter

Keeping Well for Winter is a new programme for people with a learning disability and those who support them, to help keep them well this winter. The programme is running from January until Easter 2021 and throughout this time there will be Easy Read information, ways to stay connected and weekly Zoom activity sessions.

Every two weeks there will be a Keeping Well for Winter bulletin with the latest updates and activities. If you would like to find out more or join any of the groups email:

Read the February bulletin

Keeping People Connected Project

Keeping People Connected Project

Northumberland Independent Advocacy Service is running a project called Keeping People Connected. The aim of the project, which was first delivered by People First at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, is to support people with learning disabilities and/or autism who have no other access to support from family or other agencies, to link with local services during lockdown.

The service is being run until 31 March 2021, thanks to funding from NHS Northumberland Clinical Comissioning Group. Referrals are welcome for people who have a learning disability, learning difficulty or autism who qualify for, and would benefit from, independent telephone support from experienced, friendly and specialist professionals to gain access to services throughout the county.

The organisations involved will help people to:

  • Understand what ‘staying at home’ or ‘staying alert’ means
  • Understand the guidance on how to stay safe and not catch the virus, who to contact and where to go
  • Understand and treat any symptoms and illness they might have and generally look after themselves in this difficult time
  • Decide what immediate support they might need e.g. getting food or medication, knowing how to ask for help in an emergency
  • Know where to access more support services and connect to local groups
  • Feel supported, by staying in touch on an ongoing basis, if needed
  • Solve problems if things go wrong
  • Get help from other services where needed


Headway Arts Free Taster Music Workshop

Headway Arts is offering a free taster music workshop on Friday 10 September for adults with learning disabilities and autism. There will be a new weekly workshop on Friday mornings starting in October so this free taster session is a chance to see what it’s all about. After the free taster workshop there will be a charge of £22.50 to join the weekly sessions.

The taster workshop will run from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Bring a packed lunch if you’d like to have lunch together afterwards.

Venue: Headway ArtSpace, The Old Church, Waterloo Road, Blyth, NE24 1BY.

To find out more call Chris on 01670 351 962 or email: